Free download of the Book: Perceptions of Islam in the Christendoms: A Historical Survey (Nasir Khan, 2006)

This highly readable history investigates how, starting in the eighth century, Christian theologians and authors laid the foundations of an anti-Islamic tradition that was to shape the relations between the Christian and the Muslim countries right up to the present day. Perceptions of Islam in the Christendoms gives a fascinating account of how Christian dogmas developed, with the theological presuppositions of Christian writers and polemicists combating the new rival faith of Islam. The author focuses on the polemical views against Islam in the Orient and the West extending over a period of thirteen centuries, while at the same time, placing the whole discussion in a wider cultural and political context.

This clear and concise book offers a unique overview and insights into the Western approaches to the Islamic world. It clearly shows the nature of the problem thus far in history, and speaks directly to scholars, a wider general audience, and the whole of the Western world.

Dr Nasir Khan is an academic philosopher, historian and  political analyst who currently lives in Norway.

This book can be downloaded by clicking on the following link.


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