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Islamists and their versions of Islam

September 26, 2018

Islamists misuse of Islam is a dangerous phenomenon for democracy and common social and political values of the present age.


by Nasir khan

For the last two three decades the term ‘Islamist’ has commonly been used in political discourse. It stands for those misguided and indoctrinated ignorant Muslims whose aim is to impose their fanatical versions of Islam on others.

But we should keep in mind that Islam as a world religion is followed by people with different world-outlooks who are divided into numerous sects. Furthermore, these followers have varying interpretations of the role of political power, about the leaders of the Islamic community (the Ummah), the rights and obligations of the rulers and the ruled, etc. etc.

These views of Islamic law, Sharia, cover civil and criminal law that again are subject to four main schools of jurisprudence within the Sunni jurisprudence while the Shias have their own jurisprudence. There is little chance of any unity of ideas among them.

What is most alarming about the Islamists’ general world-view is their negation of the universal dimension and inherent tolerance of this world religion. Instead, they put forward a narrow and anti-social version that goes against all principles of democracy, respect for religious minorities and inculcate discrimination against the followers of other faiths.

The whole process can be termed as creating mental and religious ghettos, absolutely closed to rational thought but hell-bent on myopic divisions. In such a suffocating universe, there is no room for mutual accommodation, acceptance of secularism in a multi-religious and multi-cultural world in which we live in Europe and some parts of America.

The Islamists misuse of Islam is a dangerous phenomenon for democracy and common social and political values of the present age.


Which way for Pakistan?

September 7, 2018

— Nasir Khan, September 7, 2018

Many people had hoped and wished for a positive change under the new prime minster, Mr. Imran Khan, in the public policy towards the religious minorities of Pakistan, which have been subject to all sorts of social and political discrimination and disabilities for  the last seven decades.

But the hasty removal of the newly-appointed economic advisor, Dr Atif R. Mian, by the new prime minister shows the hold of the Islamist extremists on the state and administration is tight, and they won’t allow any recognition of the legitimate rights of the members of any religious minority whereby they could take part in the administration of the state.

Dr Mian is a well-qualified economist, but his religious identity as an Ahmadi, according to the undue pressure on the Islamist extremists, disqualifies him from being in the economic advisory council! It shows the old pattern is in place and the religious fanatics, who consider themselves as the sole custodians of Islam in Pakistan, will not allow full democratic rights and equal opportunities for employment to the members of the religious minorities in Pakistan.

I appeal to all progressive and democratic forces to help defend the rights of the religious minorities in Pakistan. Pakistan should become an all-inclusive democratic state, and not a playground for the orthodox theocratic fanatics and hoodlums.
The Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) government has asked ace economist Atif…

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