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Why did the United States, Britain and France make missile attacks on Syria?

April 14, 2018

— Nasir Khan, April 14, 2018

The combined missile strikes by the USA, the UK and France on Syria last night was a highly dangerous and risky military action. Such an action has all the potential to ignite the flames of global war where the nuclear powers may even resort to their nuclear arsenals thus pushing the world in the inferno of death and destruction.

It is difficult for me to see what military objectives the three powers had in launching this attack. The whole thing seems so haphazard and foggy. If the aim was to limit the power of the Assad regime, then such an attack will have hardly any effect on him and his regime. In fact, this attack will strengthen the grip of this dynastic ruler of Syria.

Did the Assad regime use the chemical weapons on the innocent civilians? We have no conclusive evidence that such a barbaric crime was committed by this regime. The missile attack by the three countries was based on assumptions, nothing more. There may have been other parties involved in this. That possibility cannot be ruled out.

But if the real aim of the missile strike was to follow the diktat of Netanyahu, who has been trying hard over the years to involve the United States in war against Iran, then the leaders of the three countries have taken a step towards that direction, dangerous and ghastly. It also gives Israel an opportunity to neutralize the ongoing struggle of the Palestinians of Gaza to return to their homes. Their homes were in the country called Palestine from which they were driven out by the rulers of Israel.

There are many questions that need a careful analysis and responsible clarifications.


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