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India rules Kashmir with the help of bullets and bayonets

January 24, 2016

Nasir Khan, January 24, 2015

This is how the Indian state controls Kashmir. India has long claimed Jammu and Kashmir as being ‘integral part of India’. But when the people of Kashmir ask for the right to self-determination, the answer is the bullets. There are 700,000 Indian armed soldiers spread around every nook and corner of Kashmir. The call for freedom is treason and those demanding freedom are ‘terrorists’ according to the Indian state, who have to brutally crushed.
A helpless and voiceless people can only raise their hands to their God for help. But brutal killings and horrible crimes committed in Kashmir happen due to the actions of the Indian state authorities. They are the Indian soldiers who were ordered to crush the demands of freedom and have been killing people. In my view, no god is responsible for such a situation, whether anyone calls that god a Muslims’ god, Hindus’ god, or Buddhists’ god. These evil situations are created by human beings and only they can find some solution if they follow the way of our common humanity. The good will of Indian rulers can resolve the Kashmir conflict and bring peace to the long-suffering people.



A true warrior works for the good of others

January 9, 2016


Nasir Khan, January 9, 2016


This message of Chief Sitting Bull can stir the conscience of every human being. In any case, this is a hope and wish I have for the for common men and women in the world.

But the situation is not so simple. There are people who are immune to what he says. In a way, they are also prisoners of the conditions under which they live, operate and remain there because they see no way out. They include the rulers of imperial states, occupiers of other peoples’ lands, warmongers catering to the interests of weapon industries and special interest groups, political manipulators of religions, diehard religious fanatics, weapon producers, violators of human rights and the propagandists of imperialism and religious ideologies of fanaticism, etc.


What Chief Sitting Bull says is the essence of being human in a civilised society. How we classify his message and under which category is not so important. In essence, what he says relates to the welfare of human beings in general. In a broad sense, I regard his ideas being the bare essentials of Socialist Humanism.


Killing of innocent people by individuals and by states through wars

January 6, 2016

Nasir Khan, January 6, 2016

President Obamas shedding tears for the US children killed in gun violenceobama


Oh, what a sad sight! The kind-hearted and benevolent US president Obama has shed tears for the US children who were victims of gun violence! But he didn’t shed any tears on the cold-blooded killings of men, women, children and elderly by US drones, which he ordered. Is the gun violence worse than the drone killings and genocidal wars, which he and his predecessors have carried out remorselessly in Iran, Afghanistan and other places? To my knowledge, neither he, nor his predecessors shed any tears then!

For my part, I feel deep remorse and pain on the killing of any child by anyone whether that happens in the United States, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Gaza and the West Bank of the occupied Palestine or Syria, etc. When the killing of innocent people, men, women and children are undertaken by governments and their powerful armies, then the matter is not of some accidental shooting but is a result of state policies. Such killings on large scales are called genocides, and they are war crimes in international law. The United States of America tops the list of the militarist states that have committed genocidal wars and crimes against humanity after the end of the Second World War.

Anyone with common sense will accept that international law can only apply if there was the rule of law in the world. When there is the rule of bombs, guns, tanks and missiles, which the powerful states use to implement their political agendas and policies then the rule of law has no meaning any longer. What we should be doing is not to shed tears on this state of affairs but to find out ways and strategies that can be useful to implement rule of law and influence the militarist powers to seek peaceful ways to resolve conflicts. In this, the United States as the most powerful military power has a special responsibility in the world if it chooses an alternative course as a superpower. However, the chances of that happening are slim.


The need to renationalise the British rail

January 5, 2016

Nasir Khan, January 6, 2016

The privatization of the British rail (BR) has been a great disaster for the ordinary people of the United Kingdom. The only beneficiaries of the scheme that was unleashed first by the Tories, and then followed up by the Labour, were the private companies and their capitalist owners.

Whenever foreign tourists, including many from affluent west European countries, visit Britain and pay sky-high rail tickets they get a shock. They just don’t understand why the British government is so indifferent to the ordinary working class people and their families who have no option but to pay such high prices to travel. This utterly unfair system should be scrapped and the BR should be taken out of the clutches of the private capital and be renationalised. But who can do it? Tories? Blairites? The answer is, No. It can be done only by a government run by people who have concern for the welfare of its citizens.

It is difficult to say how things will develop. If Jeremy Corbyn succeeds to head a Labour government, then the chances of a much-needed change seem bright. He is a worthy and reliable person who can do it. But he has much difficult tasks within the Labour party, which has a hierarchy of the Labour establishment, practically indistinguishable from what the Tories have, who will obstruct him all the way.

Some have more than enough, others have nothing. Why is it so?

January 3, 2016

Nasir Khan, January 3, 2015

The host proudly says: “Thanks Almighty Allah for what what we have on our table! We have more than enough here; no one can go hungry from here!” One could hear a big roar of laughter of the revellers on hearing this.

An old man in his late seventies suddenly appears close to the dining table and politely says to the host: ” Sir! But there are so many hungry and needy people in various places who are your Muslim brothers and sisters including millions of innocent Muslim children.”

The host replies with a smile on his bearded face: “They should eat cakes! Anyhow that’s Allah who is the Provider. He gives to whom He wishes; He leaves some out of all this! Why? Only He knows his secrets. By the way, don’t question the Wisdom of Allah because He knows everything and He knows best. You can be beheaded for your rebellious views.”

“Guards! Show this ignorant man way out of our door and never let him come in again!” (Big laughter again!)

The questioner is pushed out of the premises. The party will go on as usual.

And then the questioner will turn to his computer and start writing his comments and ideas on such injustices he sees on his Facebook Timeline for others to read while the big parties go on.


On Martin Luther’s prescription to inculcate the Bible on the youth

January 2, 2016

— Nasir Khan, January 1, 2016

“I am afraid that the schools will prove the very gates of hell, unless they diligently labour in explaining the Holy Scriptures and engraving them in the heart of the youth.”

― Great church reformer Martin Luther (1483-1546).

The great church reformer, Martin Luther, would be glad to know if someone can pass on this information to him, no matter wherever he may be at present, or in whatever form he may be, that schools and the educational systems in many European countries have faithfully followed his ‘pious prescriptions’ for many centuries. However, some independent thinking was also allowed in European educational system because of the great struggles in the last century by educationists and thinkers.

Meanwhile in other parts of the world – especially in Asian and African countries – people have followed the age-old teaching methods where children and youngsters have been taught in their old dogmas and stories as eternal truths. Such a schooling had and still has a lasting effect on them that can’t be shaken off. Because of such a traditional indoctrination, for most people dogmas and dogmatic thinking are more like their second nature; they cannot liberate themselves from such ways of thinking. Any dogmas internalised at a young age take a permanent hold on the minds of the people.


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