The Iraq war – the eleventh anniversary is ignored

Nasir Khan, March 31, 2014

In the following  article Rupen Savoulian has highlighted some basic facts about the US war of aggression that went beyond the imperial ambitions to occupy and control Iraq because its ruler had refused to bend to the diktat of Washington and Tel Aviv; in reality it became a war of genocide in which at least a million Iraqis perished, millions were made homeless and millions were made orphans and widows. The invaders destroyed the social and economic structure of the country. The economic destruction of this rich country where the agricultural productivity fell by 90 percent shows the level of economic mayhem and dislocation. To secure their interests, the invaders installed the Maliki regime that facilitated the systematic destabilisation and profiteering as planned by the imperial hegemon.

The writer has underlined the importance of remembering the date of the invasion of Iraq adequately well. But it doesn’t come as a surprise to me that the event this year has largely been ignored by the MSM as if the American military and mercenary hordes went to Iraq in 2003 to do good Samaritans’ job and having done so they had to move on to new fronts and frontiers to do what they can! Such an apathetic negligence of the media is also instrumental in misleading the vast majority of the population of America while the European allies and sympathisers follow them in their reporting that indirectly helps to justify war crimes, war criminals and violations of international and humanitarian laws and norms in this age. Luckily, antiwar organisations and reporters have not been duped by the imperialist propaganda; they have tried to show what this war was about and what sort of lies and falsifications have been woven around the 2003 invasion and the subsequent events.

The present-day daily sectarian violence that is taking the lives of hundreds of people is a direct result of American war. The Sunni-Shia sectarianism has a long history stretching back to some fourteen centuries. But there were no sectarian killings in Iraq on a genocidal scale that have been set in motion by the American policies and the present Iraqi administration of Maliki.

The writer has given much relevant information in this article and suggested what the enlightened and anti-war organisations should demand to hold the war criminals accountable for their enormous war crimes and crimes against humanity.


By Rupen Savoulian
Historical anniversaries are important events to commemorate; they allow us to evaluate the importance of the event and understand its impact upon contemporary life. Celebrating particular war…

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