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International Yoga Day controversy as India is accused of pushing ‘Hindu agenda’ on Muslims

June 21, 2015

Nasir Khan’s remarks On Yoga and Religions

Religions and the religious are a multi-faceted phenomenon. To my understanding, to practise yoga we need not be religious or follower of any religion. In my own case, I am a Humanist. It is in the common interest of all not to politicise yoga for political or religious ends and in this way create acrimony between Muslims and Hindus because sectarians and communalists will be very happy to play in the muddy waters and infuse their venom against other religions and their followers. Yoga exercises are amazing for gaining physical fitness and mental balance. I had taken a course in yoga a few years ago and found it quite useful. Those who want to do yoga exercises for their practical purposes don’t have to learn the yoga philosophy in depth because it is complex and may not interest everyone.

International Yoga Day controversy as India is accused of pushing ‘Hindu agenda’ on Muslims

Siobhan Fenton,  The Independent, June 21, 2015

A Hindu politician has suggested that Muslims offended by yoga should “go drown in the sea”
The first International Day of Yoga is taking place around the world today, but the celebration of a usually relaxing practice has led to an increase in tensions in some parts of India.
The day has been championed first and foremost by the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, who petitioned the UN to make the event an international affair. But as Mr Modi himself took part in a mass yoga session on Sunday morning, a fierce debate was raised about the government’s support of yoga – with some reportedly arguing that it is a Hindu practise which goes against Islamic teaching. Continues >>

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