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Petras: Latin America’s Twenty-First Century Socialism in Historical Perspective

October 13, 2009

The electoral victory of center left regimes in at least three Latin American countries, and the search for a new ideological identity to justify their rule, led ideologues and the incumbent presidents to embrace the notion that they represent a new 21st century version of socialism (21cs).

The James Petras website,  October 10, 2009

Prominent writers, academics and regime spokespeople celebrated a totally new variant of socialism, as completely at odds with what they dubbed as the failed 20th century, Soviet-style socialism. The advocates and publicists of 21cs claims of a novel political-economic model rested on what they ascribed as a radical break with both the free market neo-liberal regimes which preceded, and the past “statist” version of socialism embodied by the former Soviet Union as well as China and Cuba.

In this paper we will proceed by examining the variety of critiques put forth by 21cs of both neo-liberalism and 20 century socialism (20cs), the authenticity of their claims of a novelty and originality, and a critical analysis of their actual performance.

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Tariq Ali: On Obama and American Empire

August 23, 2009

Kasama, Aug 21, 2009

Posted by Mike E

Tariq Ali has been a fixture of the radical British left for over forty years — when he emerged as a prominent figure within the Trotskyist movement. Now widely respected as a novelist and political commentor — he speaks here on the meaning of Obama’s victory and questions connected to the war encroaching on Pakistan. This talk was given at the Marxism 2009  conference in Britain.

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