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US, British media transform tragedies into war propaganda

November 13, 2009

Bill Van Auken,, Nov. 13, 2009

With the Obama administration on the verge of announcing an escalation that will almost certainly send tens of thousands more troops into the war in Afghanistan, popular opposition to the war continues to grow.

According to a CNN poll released this week, 58 percent of the American people oppose the war. Across the Atlantic, antiwar sentiments in Britain, which has the second largest troop contingent in Afghanistan, is even higher. The latest poll shows just 21 percent supporting the war and 63 percent in favor of withdrawing British troops.

Casualties have risen sharply, with 288 US and 95 British troops having died so far this year. Many more have suffered wounds, resulting in an increasing number of amputations and cases of brain damage.

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Sinking deeper in Afghanistan

September 9, 2009

The U.S. is making an ever-greater commitment to a war that is less and less popular, either here or in Afghanistan.


Socialist Worker, September 9, 2009

Tank crews in Afghanistan wait for the order to move out (Edward Stewart)

Tank crews in Afghanistan wait for the order to move out (Edward Stewart)

FACING THE possibility of military defeat, the generals call for a massive troop escalation to turn the tide on the battlefield–and a Democratic president heeds their demands, presiding over a dramatic increase in U.S. money and manpower devoted to the conflict.

That’s a summary of how the U.S. sank itself deeper into the Vietnam War in the 1960s–and now, how the Obama administration is committing itself to the U.S. war on Afghanistan.

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