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Whitewashing Israeli actions

February 5, 2010

George S. Hishmeh, Al Arabiya News Channel, Feb 5, 2010

Much as the world has responded marvelously and generously to calls to help Haitians after their devastating earthquake last month. The opposite has been true about the impoverished Palestinians in Gaza Strip who have been under an increasingly tighter siege since the Israeli blitz a little over a year ago.

The Obama administration has committed $300 million to help rebuild the heavily demolished area, now home to more than 1.5 million Palestinians, many of them refugees from nearby towns in what is now Israel. The United Nations has also raised $4.5 billion, but to date, neither the American nor the U.N. funds have been spent there because of the tight Israeli blockade which is also enforced by the Egyptians on their border with the once Israeli-occupied strip.

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Criminals shouldn’t be allowed to investigate themselves

October 22, 2009


Khalid Amayreh,, October 21, 2009

In its rabid efforts to whitewash the Goldstone report, Israel is likely to carry out another disingenuous probe into its genocidal onslaught against the Gaza Strip nearly ten months ago.

The report, compiled by South African judge Richard Goldstone, himself a Jew, accused Israel of committing war crimes and crimes against humanity, including the deliberate targeting of innocent civilians.

As many as 1400 Palestinians, mostly non-combatants including more than 330 children, were killed during the 22-day campaign which some historians and intellectuals compared to the allied saturation bombing of the German city of Dresden at the close of the Second World War.

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How Israel bought off UN’s war crimes probe

October 7, 2009

By Jonathan Cook, Information Clearing House, Oct 6, 2009

Israel celebrated at the weekend its success at the United Nations in forcing the Palestinians to defer demands that the International Criminal Court investigate allegations of war crimes committed by Israel during its winter assault on the Gaza Strip.

The about-turn, following vigorous lobbying from Israel and the United States, appears to have buried the damning report of Judge Richard Goldstone into the fighting, which killed some 1,400 Palestinians, most of them civilians.

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Abbas U-turn on war crimes report

October 5, 2009
Morning Star Online, Oct 4, 2009

U-TURN: Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas faced growing outrage at home on Sunday over his decision to withdraw support for a United Nations report that accused Israel of committing war crimes in last winter’s Gaza war.

Mr Abbas’s U-turn is the result of intense US pressure, Palestinian officials said.

The report, by respected South African judge Richard Goldstone, will now lie dormant for at least six months rather than be sent to the UN general assembly with possible recommendations for action.

Israel, which denies the war crimes allegations, has warned that dealing with the Goldstone report now would derail peace efforts.

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