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Diane Abbott For Prime Minister

August 1, 2009

Editor’s Note: Dr George Barnsby is a well-known British radical writer, an educationist, a  historian and an anti-war campaigner. He has consistently upheld the banner of democratic rights, transparency in public affairs and has indefatigably defended multiculturalism. He continues to struggle against racial discrimination and the violations of human rights both in the United Kingdom and other  countries.  He has used The Barnsby Blog to oppose the criminal war in Iraq unleashed by two  conspirators, Bush and Blair,  that has resulted in the deaths of over one million Iraqis and the destruction of Iraq. Now the U.S.-led forces under the Obama administration are escalating war in Afghanistan and wreaking havoc there.

Dr Barnsby stands for justice and adherence to international law in the conduct of international relations. In his criticism of  Anglo-American imperial wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, he exposes the war crimes committed by the British government headed previously by Tony Blair and at present by George Brown.  Dr Barnsby’s  perspective represents the fundamental values of Humanism and Socialism and his spirit that of a  true Communist.

It is clear that no policy change is possible as long as a war criminal like Brown continues to head the British government. The alternative is to replace him with someone who is ready to put an end to the bloodshed of Iraqi and Afghan people and work for a multicultural Britain. One such candidate is a black British politician Diane Abbott (For her life and work, see )

Dr Barnsby has been campaigning for Abbott’s nomination so that  she  may take over the premiership replacing the war criminal Brown. This will also break the monopoly of power wielded by warmongers and right-wingers in the Labour Party.

I fully support Comrade Barnsby’s advocacy of Diane Abbott for the  office of prime minister.

George Barnsby,  The Barnsby Blog, August 1, 2009

I’ve reached the end of the line for my unilateral advocacy of Diane
black and female as Prime Minister. So I’ve emailed Diane and asked her if   she would accept the position if sufficient support were forthcoming.

But I now want to put this matter to a world audience on this BLOG and COPAM the largest organisation in the world convened electronically of people who oppose the war in Iraq.

My friends in Britain, those who have always opposed the war in Iraq, I have emailed today asking why, if they oppose the war they will not support Diane for Prime Minister. The friends in question include Hugh Muir, Simon Jenkins, Nils Pratley, Martin Kettle, Michael Meacham Gisela Stuart and others I shall add from time to time.

But I am now going to pull rank as the originator of COPAM and ask my international friends such as Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez,  Evo Mores and other Socialist figures to support Diane as our Prime Minister or perhaps support her as head of the United Nations even!

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