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India’s brutality has turned Kashmir into a living hell

August 30, 2010

But you’re a Westener. You see how things are here. We have been living like this for twenty years. When you go back to your country you tell them. You ask them why they aren’t helping us.”

By Giogiana Violante, The Comment Factory, August 29, 2010
Police brutality in Kashmir

This is the first time in weeks I have had access to the internet. I have not been allowed to receive or send text messages for three months. Just like all Kashmiris my telephone has been barred from such contact. The local news channels have been banned. India controls everything here. And then kills it. The situation is horrific. Over these months of food rationing and persistent curfew whereby all is closed and the streets totally deserted in utter silence, suddenly a protest arises and then spreads throughout the whole city in a surge of frustrated and famished rioters shouting ‘AZADI AZADI AZADI’ (freedom) until it dissipates suddenly into a cacophony of gunshots and clouds of teargas.

I observe all this going on at a  safe remove of only one metre by a big thick brick wall interrupted by the Mevlana Rumi gate to Kashmir University, where I am residing. I see through the iron bars hordes upon hordes of protesters being shot at randomly, and I stand there repellently incapable of doing anything. An endless cycle of silence and violence. The Indian army own total control and freedom to shoot at will, to shoot to kill, anyone whom they choose to.

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The Resentment Against Indian Rule Persists in Kashmir

August 10, 2010
By Raoof Mir, Foreign Policy Journal, Aug 10, 2010

People of Kashmir carry the body of a man shot by Indian police in Srinagar on August 3, 2010 (Press TV)
People of Kashmir carry the body of a man shot by Indian police in Srinagar on August 3, 2010 (Press TV)

Recently I was asked by one friend of mine who works as a reporter in a ‘reputed’ regional Telugu daily, the reasons for ‘gun culture’ and ‘stone pelting culture’ in the Indian administered Kashmir valley: “Why is it that people of Kashmir don’t peacefully complain about their problems to the government?”

I replied to him that it is the cynicism and the distrust of the people with the system. My friend didn’t ask me what that actually meant. I wanted to explain to him about the life of common people in Kashmir, the diabolical role of Indian army, and their impunity for human rights violations.I wanted to explain to him how a knock on the door late at night or sneaking away to smoke a cigarette at night sends spasms of anxiety through the people, afraid that this might be their last breath.

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India and Kashmir: From bad to worse

June 19, 2010

The killing of civilians by Indian security forces threatens to derail plans for a stable Kashmir.
Jason Overdorf
By Jason Overdorf GlobalPostJune 17, 2010

Indian soldiers in Kashmir
India’s Border Security Force soldiers patrol near the fenced border with Pakistan in Suchetgarh, southwest of Jammu, Jan. 12, 2010. (Mukesh Gupta/Reuters) Click to enlarge photo

NEW DELHI, India — In a two-story brick home in Srinagar’s old city, hundreds of relatives and neighbors waited throughout the night for the police to return the body of 17-year-old Tufail Ahmed Mattoo, who was allegedly killed by a teargas shell fired at him by police during a protest last week. When his body finally arrived on the morning of June 12, the gloom erupted into anger. Mattoo’s mother, Rubina, fainted. Scores of other women wailed and beat their chests, and the men raised slogans like “We want freedom,” and “Prosecute the killers.”

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