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The Three Amigos: India, America, Israel

June 12, 2010

By Badri Raina , ZNet, June 12, 2010

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That both under the erstwhile  NDA regime, led by Atal Bihari Vajpai of the right-wing Hindu BJP (1998-2004) and the UPA regime (s) led by Manmohan Singh of the Congress Party (2004-2009, and since) a central feature of India’s foreign policy has been to draw closer to both the United States and Israel is not such a hidden feature of India’s post-reforms history anymore.

The more than considerate attentiveness to the interests of American corporates of course has been a long-term constant.

What I seek to do here is not so much to detail these histories as to draw a   skein related to diverse episodes,   one that seems intricately revelatory of a  coherent  macro policy intent, always latent among the Indian ruling classes but now more than ever in full bloom.

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