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Obama’s Promises and Policies

November 4, 2009

George Barnsby, The Barnsby Blog No. 966, Nov 4, 2009

Once again I have turned to the Website of the only man who can save the world, Barack Obama who forty days ago amazed and delighted the world with his statement that he would abolish all nuclear weapons, but who since has reneged on that promise and today keeps the most warlike company of those who want to conquer Iraq and Afghanistan  and other places for their oil, and precious metals while puppet governments in Asia and elsewhere are quite willing to give their assets to the Western Neo-Coms, but find it necessary to deceive their own people and the rest of the world by fulsome false promises that they are not serving their own material interests but are patriots serving the interests of their countries.

In the meantime Obama has his own problems with his ‘allies’ notably NATO and the European Union and the basic trio of Nuclear Maniacs – Bush, Blair and Brown are now desperately trying to defy the Human Rights authorities who are chasing them for Crimes against Humanity and they will eventually suffer the same fate as did the Nazi genocidists at Nuremburg in 1946.

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Barnsby: Arrest Gordon Brown Now

October 17, 2009

George Barnsby, The Barnsby Blog, No. 948, Oct 16, 2009

A letter in the Morning Star from Roy Ormond of Skipton asks the
questions I have been posing since 2003. He asks: Are there no lawyers on the left, progressives or ones simply believing in the rule of law who could initiate and conduct a case against Blair. Such a step would bring widespread acclaim from an overwhelmingly number of British people and from millions of others internationally. Furthermore it would encourage those democrats in the USA to challenge the actions of George W. Bush, actions which have resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands and misery for many  millions. Yes indeed arrest Bush and Blair, but add the name Gordon

More on Gordon Brown:


George Barnsby, Blog No. 945, Oct 14, 2009

The message has gone out. Brown and New Labour has been a Neo-con monster from the beginning and today I have asked Brown to confirm that he signed Edgar Kristol’s, originator of The New American Century, whose wife who was just as bad wrote an admiring preface to her book, thus showing that New Labour began as a lackey of US imperialism and is now dying its inevitable
and horrible death the same way.

Obama reverses Bush’s abortion policy

October 5, 2009

George Barnsby Blog No. 936, Oct 4, 2009

Barack Obama continues to be the only man who defies the Torturers and Nuclear maniacs of the three Bs – Bush, Blair and Brown by offering us a nuclear free world.  Yet mention of him has dropped from the Sunday quality press as they instead talk of Brown debating with other party leaders now and Brown wanting to snare David Cameron into revealing his plans to save Britain at a time when the Irish have been cajoled  into voting Yes to joining the European Union. All gripping stuff, but it means that Obama has slipped out of sight which is silly when the future of the world depends on the utterances and actions of Obama.

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How Gordon Brown can cease being a warmonger and nuclear maniac

September 17, 2009

Dr George Barnsby, The Barnsby Blog, Sep 16, 2009

Critics of the war in Iraq continue to proliferate. The Daily Telegraph
claims that the cost of the war in Iraq has now reached 5 billion pounds  with another 1 billion in Afghanistan. Tony Blair has recently confessed to Al Jazeera that the war  in Iraq was a total disaster, and Kissinger one of  the greatest war criminals of all times responsible for the genocides of  Indo-China condemns the war in Iraq.

If Brown could be persuaded to abandon the Barbarians who support war and join the Civilised part of humanity who oppose war then he might just  save the Labour Party. But if he did this Cuts would no longer be necessary  because the economic crisis would end and the vast savings made would even  be enough to finance our social services adequately.

Then if only Brown could be persuaded to renounce his Nuclear Lunacy he would become a national hero and the Labour Party would certainly win the next general election because we could all sleep safely in our beds certain that our planet would continue to exist.

Dangers of Brown’s nuclear-mania

September 10, 2009

Dr George Barnsby, The Barnsby Blog No. 2011, Sept  10, 2009

Brown’s suicidal efforts to blow us all up has been further exposed by
his latest proposals outlined by Professor David Elliott of the Open
University in a letter in today’s Guardian.

The Labour government has moved from a position of replacing older
nuclear plants to one of a radical expansion from the present 13% of
electricity from nuclear sources to 35-40% beyond 2030. Brown has indicated that he believes the world needs 1,000 extra nuclear power stations and has argued that Africa could build nuclear power plants to meet growing demands for energy.

In 2009 a new UK Nuclear Centre of Excellence was announced to promote, ‘wider access to civil nuclear power across the world’ with an initial budget of £20million. Professor Elliott goes on the say, ‘As a life-long Labour movement activist and long standing Labour Party member I have struggled to live with New Labour policies. But these new policies on nuclear power will, I believe lead to long term global security problems.

The policies could undermine energy security and environmental
sustainability since money, manpower and other resources will be diverted away from renewables and energy efficiency’.

The Professor ends by saying, ‘I have made these points regularly in
various forums. But the commitment to an expanded nuclear programme is deepening. I have therefore, reluctantly, decided to resign from the Labour Party’.

Good for Professor Elliott. This BLOG and COPAM entirely agree with
his actions.

For an island surrounded by water and floating on coal it is madness to think that we need nuclear power. And the present BBC  programmes of Neil Oliver showing the power of water as he moves around the coast of Britain brings to mind the phrase as applied to Gordon Brown, that those the gods wish to destroy they first make mad.

Welcoming Stan Newens

August 24, 2009

George Barnsby, The  Barnsby Blog, August 23, 2oo9

I had a great surprise today. A call from Stan asking if he could call on me within an hour or so. Stan visits me regularly but it has usually been at the end of a series of visits to John Saville and other contributors to the Dictionary of Labour Biography and a visit to relatives in the Midlands before coming on to me and then returning to Essex where he has lived for many years, a sort of Grand Tour of Britain which he undertook regularly. But, alas John Saville and others are dead so that he is paying me the great honour of coming specially to Wolverhampton and then returning home.

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For more on Stan Newens, see  Wikipedia,

Barnsby to Prime Minister Gordon Brown

August 9, 2009

Dear Gordon Brown

The fact that you are on vacation and delegated control of Great Britain to whichever fellow Torturer or Nuclear Maniac Harriett Harman, Lord Mandelson or Allan Johnson shows your   complete inability to comprehend the gravity of the present world situation. You should immediately recall Parliament, although that is probably beyond your provenance now – the Speaker of the House of Commons should call Parliament and you would be at once deprived of your liberty unless you immediately renounce the wars you are waging.

An equally important effect of such a renunciation would be that vast sums now spent on war would be available for peaceful purposes and the present Economic Crisis would disappear and we could all sleep safely in our beds at night.

Unless you do this you will be arraigned before the same court that tried the Nazis in 1945 and charged with Crimes against Humanity.


August 8, 2009


The Barnsby Blog, August 9, 2009


As the folly and wickedness of the wars being waged by Obama and
supported by Brown is recognized anti-war feeling sweeps across the world. On Wednesday the largest EU countries Germany and France united against the war in Iraq. Thirty two US Mayors of the Institute for Policy Studies are mobilising to prevent a war against Iran. And the British Army General in Afghanistan, Sir David Richards says that British involvement in Afghanistan could take 80 years and this echoes the opposition of his predecessor Sir Richard Dan who also opposed the war in Afghanistan. Only madmen can continue to support this slaughter and the Torture and Nuclear madness that is involved.

Fortunately in Wolverhampton we have a Sikh mayor Surjan Singh Duhra who we shall certainly ask if he will join the US Mayors anti-war appeal and what he can do to promote it. This brings me back to Frank Spittle who wrote the original letter which I sent to the Mayor asking him to support Frank’s Send a Vet Scheme which has since blossomed into a campaign to send 2nd World War Vets back to the countries where they served their time.
Everything I have received today has a connection direct or indirect
with Peace and Multiculturalism and pride of place again goes to Frank Spittle. He has produced a portrait of a First World War Communist which has not so far been incorporated into our  History of the Communist Party of Wolverhampton, but which certainly will in future. Chris Knowles is the name and he worked in Frank Spittle’s father’s factory after the war. Chris had been decorated for bravery with the DCM. More about Chris will follow.

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Diane Abbott For Prime Minister

August 1, 2009

Editor’s Note: Dr George Barnsby is a well-known British radical writer, an educationist, a  historian and an anti-war campaigner. He has consistently upheld the banner of democratic rights, transparency in public affairs and has indefatigably defended multiculturalism. He continues to struggle against racial discrimination and the violations of human rights both in the United Kingdom and other  countries.  He has used The Barnsby Blog to oppose the criminal war in Iraq unleashed by two  conspirators, Bush and Blair,  that has resulted in the deaths of over one million Iraqis and the destruction of Iraq. Now the U.S.-led forces under the Obama administration are escalating war in Afghanistan and wreaking havoc there.

Dr Barnsby stands for justice and adherence to international law in the conduct of international relations. In his criticism of  Anglo-American imperial wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, he exposes the war crimes committed by the British government headed previously by Tony Blair and at present by George Brown.  Dr Barnsby’s  perspective represents the fundamental values of Humanism and Socialism and his spirit that of a  true Communist.

It is clear that no policy change is possible as long as a war criminal like Brown continues to head the British government. The alternative is to replace him with someone who is ready to put an end to the bloodshed of Iraqi and Afghan people and work for a multicultural Britain. One such candidate is a black British politician Diane Abbott (For her life and work, see )

Dr Barnsby has been campaigning for Abbott’s nomination so that  she  may take over the premiership replacing the war criminal Brown. This will also break the monopoly of power wielded by warmongers and right-wingers in the Labour Party.

I fully support Comrade Barnsby’s advocacy of Diane Abbott for the  office of prime minister.

George Barnsby,  The Barnsby Blog, August 1, 2009

I’ve reached the end of the line for my unilateral advocacy of Diane
black and female as Prime Minister. So I’ve emailed Diane and asked her if   she would accept the position if sufficient support were forthcoming.

But I now want to put this matter to a world audience on this BLOG and COPAM the largest organisation in the world convened electronically of people who oppose the war in Iraq.

My friends in Britain, those who have always opposed the war in Iraq, I have emailed today asking why, if they oppose the war they will not support Diane for Prime Minister. The friends in question include Hugh Muir, Simon Jenkins, Nils Pratley, Martin Kettle, Michael Meacham Gisela Stuart and others I shall add from time to time.

But I am now going to pull rank as the originator of COPAM and ask my international friends such as Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez,  Evo Mores and other Socialist figures to support Diane as our Prime Minister or perhaps support her as head of the United Nations even!

Barnsby: ‘Vote for the removal of Gordon Brown as prime minister’

June 23, 2009

Dear John Bercow

Many congratulations on being elected Speaker of the House of Commons. What  I would hope is that some anti-Iraq war MP should present a motion that you  would accept and the House vote Brown out of office.

Who would it be who accomplished this historic act?

My own choice would be Diane Abbott MP female and black being the next Prime Minister thus trumping the US brown President Barak Obama, the hope of all who voted for him, but who disappoints by being enmeshed in US neo-imperialism.

In this way would British authority throughout the world be established.

But one step at a time perhaps and I would hope that some MP who has been anti-Iraq war from the beginning and borne the brunt of the struggle such as George Galloway, so inventive in so many ways, should pull the chain which would flush Brown out.

Or our own Wolverhampton MP, Ken Purchase, due to retire at the  end of this Parliament  who could retire  in a blaze of glory after a life time of service and integrity to the people of Wolverhampton.

Or anyone else Tory or Lib-Dem or other party who have preserved British honour from those who have supported Torturers and Nuclear Maniacs who would contemplate the destruction of the planet and all of us on it.

So, again, congratulations from those of us who have struggled so long for Peace and Multiculturalism.


90 year old lifetime militant and Communist.
GB Working Class Library and Free Communist Bookshop.
141 Henwood Rd. Wolverhampton, W.Mids
Tele and Fax 01902 751888


November 18, 2008

Dr George Barnsby, Nov 17, 2008

Why are there so many fools and knaves who share Brown’s illusions that he is important. He is in only one respect. Now that George W Bush has been reduced from the most powerful tyrant in the world to a blithering idiot by the stunning victory of the new US president Obama, Gordon Brown and Tony Blair have now become the second and third most important war criminals in the world, because they support the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan despite the views of most sensible people that these wars are illegal, racist and unwinnable. A further reason to arrest Brown NOW is that he is a Nuclear Maniac prepared to take the risk of seeing the world blown to smithereens in another Holocaust.

Now there is now yet another reason to put Brown under lock and key – Somali pirates have reappeared and captured a Saudi-owned Aramco tanker. Here there are two dangers one is that a ship loaded with nuclear arms will  be captured and sold to the highest bidder who will then hold the USA, Britain and other western powers to ransom, or if they fail to respond blow up targets that they, the Pirates have chosen.

All these dangers have been aired in this BLOG, but most members of the Commentariat, as Media Lens christened them because of their almost monopoly powers of providing ordinary people with news and when we complain are so contemptuous of public opinion that they do not reply to me.

Such people include the chief executive and chairman of the BBC, the head of ITV, the news commentators, Paxman, Marr, Wark, Kearney and Jon Snow of Channel Four. Also the head of the Learning and Skills Council, Sir Trevor Phillips the chair of the Commission of Equality and Human Rights because he will not let us know whether he is for or against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

When Obama won his great, but limited victory as US president. I took a breather. Some people have warned me that by writing a BLOG every night I was putting my health at risk and perhaps I should only BLOG on a five day week or perhaps only once a week.and catch up on my reading. It seemed appropriate since my last BLOG on Friday dealt with the English Revolution of the seventeenth century and the fact that Obama seemed to be following the same path as Oliver Cromwell who after executing Charles the First  reneged and eventually destroyed the Levellers who were the working class ‘root and branch’ of the revolution.

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