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Death of a Myth: Israel’s Support of a Two-State Solution

August 29, 2009

Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, Page 7

Special Report

By Rachelle Marshall

ISRAEL’S actions from the beginning have directly contradicted the image it projects to the West. The founding of a country that was to be “a light among nations” required the forcible expulsion of most of its original inhabitants. The “Middle East’s only democracy” became the brutal oppressor of three million Palestinians. The nationhood that was to endow the Jewish people with “normality” gave them instead a garrison state in which military strength is the dominant value.

  • On the day of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s White House meeting with President Barack Obama, a Palestinian woman in the occupied city of Hebron stares at an Israeli soldier standing guard near a wall spraypainted by settlers with obscenities and the Star of David. Ultranationalist Israeli Knesset members were visiting the city to protest Netanyahu’s promotion of the easing of restrictions on Palestinians (AFP photo/Menahem Kahana).

The most enduring myth of all is that Israel would welcome peace with the Palestinians and the Arab nations if they agreed to recognize Israel’s legitimacy as a state. In 1955 then-Prime Minister Moshe Sharett recorded in his diary a statement by Israel Defense Minister Moshe Dayan that revealed Israel’s true policy: preserving the unity of an immigrant population by discouraging peace efforts and maintaining a sense of permanent beleaguerment.

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Israel uses Hitler picture to sell its settlement expansion

July 25, 2009

Foreign minister orders diplomats to circulate photo ahead of discussions with President Obama’s envoy

By Donald Macintyre in Jerusalem | The Independent/UK, July 25, 2009

As the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem at the outbreak of the Second World War, Mohammad Amin al-Husayni was a powerful Nazi sympathiser  - and an assassination target for the Allies.

As the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem at the outbreak of the Second World War, Mohammad Amin al-Husayni was a powerful Nazi sympathiser – and an assassination target for the Allies.

Avigdor Lieberman, Israel’s foreign minister, has triggered fresh controversy by urging diplomats abroad to use a 1941 photograph of a Palestinian religious leader meeting Hitler to counter protests against a planned Jewish settlement in Arab East Jerusalem.

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Israeli FM: US Will Accept Any Israeli Decision

April 25, 2009
Lieberman Also Declares Afghanistan, Pakistan a Threat to Israel

by Jason Ditz,, April 24, 2009

Russian-born Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman gave his first major interview since taking office to Russia’s Moskovskiy Komosolets, and spelled out his rather unique foreign policy position, in addition to making some rather bold assertions.

In particular, Lieberman insisted that despite America’s support for the “two-state solution” which the Israeli administration has rejected, President Obama will not put forth any new peace initiatives unless Israel wants them to. “Believe me,” Lieberman declared, “American accepts all our decisions.”

He also, rather surprisingly, said that Iran is not the Israel’s biggest strategic threat. Instead, Lieberman bestowed that honor collectively on Afghanistan and Pakistan. He said that Pakistan and Afghanistan could fall, forming “a contiguous area of radicalism ruled in the spirit of Osama bin Laden.”

Pakistan’s Foreign Office condemned Lieberman’s comments as “unwarranted,” and said “any efforts to malign or isolate Pakistan will not succeed.” So far US officials have not commented on Lieberman’s assertion that Pakistan imperils Israel or the claims that America will accept whatever decisions the Netanyahu government makes.

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