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Karzai was hellbent on victory. Afghans will pay the price

November 4, 2009

The declaration of victory caps weeks of farce and failure, especially for the UN. To send more troops now would be a waste

Peter Galbraith, The Guardian/UK, Nov 3, 2009

Afghanistan’s presidential election is over, and it was a fiasco. The decision by the Independent Election Commission (IEC) to cancel the second round and declare the incumbent, Hamid Karzai, the victor concludes a process that undermined Afghanistan‘s nascent democracy. In the US and Europe, the fraud-tainted elections halted the momentum for President Obama’s new Afghanistan strategy and undercut support for sending more troops.

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Afghan election farce ends, escalation to begin

November 3, 2009

By Bill Van Auken,, November  3, 2009

The two-and-a-half-month election drama in Afghanistan was brought to a close Monday with the incumbent president of the US-backed regime in Kabul, Hamid Karzai, being decreed the winner.

The Independent Election Commission, a body stacked with Karzai supporters, issued a decision giving him another five-year term and cancelling a runoff election set for November 7.

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Mounting Afghan follies give U.S. a way out

September 19, 2009
By GWYNNE DYER, The Japan Times Online, Sep 16, 2009

Maybe it’s the relatively thin air up on those high plateaus that makes them foolish. First, ballot fraud apparently helped Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who would probably have won the second round in the presidential election in Iran anyway, to win in the first round and avoid a runoff. The incredible voting figures declared by the government triggered huge demonstrations in Iran and gravely undermined the regime’s legitimacy.

Two months later, in next-door Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai did exactly the same thing. All but one of his opponents would have been eliminated in the first round of voting, so his re-election as president in the second round was assured. He had bribed the northern warlords to deliver large blocks of votes to him, and in the south his Pashtun ethnic roots made him the favored candidate among those who dared to vote.

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Obama’s AfPak war intensifies on both sides of border

August 30, 2009

By James Cogan,, August 29, 2009

As low voter turnout in Afghanistan’s presidential election last week provided further evidence of broad hostility to the US-led occupation, the armed insurgency has continued to escalate. The number of US and NATO troops killed in the country during 2009 reached 301 yesterday—already the highest annual toll of the eight-year occupation.

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Afghanistan’s election debacle

August 27, 2009

Lee Sustar reports on the fraud and violence that swept Afghanistan during the August 20 presidential elections.

Socialist Worker, August 26, 2009

NATO soldiers on the scene of a bomb attack before elections in Afghanistan (Shah Marai | AFP)NATO soldiers on the scene of a bomb attack before elections in Afghanistan (Shah Marai | AFP)

AN ELECTION intended to showcase Afghanistan’s “emerging democracy” has instead exposed astonishing corruption, fraud and violence on the part of the U.S.-backed government.

Incumbent President Hamid Karzai and challenger Abdullah Abdullah are each claming victory amid allegations of vote-rigging and fraud on both sides, with Abdullah’s supporters even hinting that his forces will take up arms if the election is stolen by Karzai.

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Why Afghans Have No Hope in This Week’s Vote

August 19, 2009

by Malalai Joya |, Aug 18, 2009

Like millions of Afghans, I have no hope in the results of this week’s election. In a country ruled by warlords, occupation forces, Taliban insurgency, drug money and guns, no one can expect a legitimate or fair vote.

Among the people on the street, a common sentiment is, ‘Everything has already been decided by the U.S. and NATO, and the real winner has already been picked by the White House and Pentagon.’ Although there are a total of 41 candidates running for president, the vast majority of them are well known faces responsible for the current disastrous situation in Afghanistan.

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The Swan Song of the Islamic Republic

June 23, 2009

French philosopher and writer

The Huffington Post, June 22, 2009

Whatever happens from this point on, nothing will ever be the same in Tehran.

Whatever happens, if the protest gains momentum or loses steam, if it ends up prevailing or if the regime succeeds in terrorizing it, he who should now only be called president-non-elect Ahmadinejad will only be an ersatz, illegitimate, weakened president.

Whatever happens, whatever the result of this crisis provoked two weeks ago by the enormity of a fraud that serious-minded people can no longer doubt, no Iranian leader can appear on the global scene, or in any negotiation with Obama, Sarkozy, or Merkel, without being haloed, not by the nimbus of light dreamed of by Ahmadinejad in his 2005 speech to the United Nations, but by the cloud of sulphur that crowns cheaters and butchers.

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Iran protesters to keep up pressure

June 17, 2009
Al Jazeera, June 17, 2009

Pro-Ahmadinejad supporters were out in force in Tehran on Tuesday [AFP]

Anti-government protesters appear set to keep up the pressure on the Iranian leadership, with a fifth day of rallies planned.

The plan by the demonstrators to hold more protests on Wednesday comes a day after the Guardian Council, Iran’s highest legislative body, said that it was prepared for a partial recount of last week’s vote.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the incumbent president, was officially declared winner of Friday’s poll by a margin of two-to-one over his nearest rival Mir Hossein Mousavi.

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Indian-controlled Kashmir: Candidates face peoples’ wrath across valley

November 17, 2008

Kashmir Watch

Srinagar: Congress candidate for Ganderbal, had to face the public fury when people at Zakura disrupted his public rally by hurling stones at him and his party workers. Reports reaching PBI substantiate that Congress candidate Sheikh Ishfaq had to address an election rally at Zakura on Sunday afternoon. However, when he reached the venue, the local residents disrupted the rally by stoning the party activists who were accompanying Sheikh Ishfaq. This created a panic among the party workers and they retaliated the stone pelting by throwing stones and other things at the houses of local residents.

Sources told PBI that supporters of Sheikh also hurled stones at a mosque and as a result window panes of the mosque were broken. Eyewitnesses told PBI that the damage to the panes of mosque infuriated the entire population of the locality who came out of their homes and tried to attack the congress party workers along with their leader Sheikh Ishfaq.

However, Police and CRPF personnel, present at the time, safely removed Sheikh’s supporters from the spot.

Meanwhile, angry inhabitants of Dardasun Kralpora Kupwara, pelted stones at independent candidate for Kupwara assembly constituency, Shabnam Lone and her party workers when they tried to organize an election rally at Dardasun on Sunday. Shabnam had to take on heels from the spot.

Several party workers were reportedly injured. Three vehicles also suffered damage in the stone pelting. Later police arrested one person identified as Farooq Ahmad of Kralpora.

In another similar incident, Qaiser Jamshed Lone of NC faced public fury at Kalaroos when people disrupted his election rally by throwing stones at the participants of the rally. Qaisar escaped the spot under police cover.

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