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70th anniversary of the start of Second World War

September 2, 2009

Media with  Conscience, September 2, 2009

by Dr Gideon Polyana

Exposing Racist Zionist WW2 crimes


On 1 September 1939 German forces invaded Poland and on 3 September Britain declared war on Nazi Germany. Iran’s pro-peace, anti-drug, anti-racist President Ahmadinejad is correct that we need more research and education about WW2 – the racist Zionists (RZs) were involved in Nazi collaboration, Holocaust denial and the Holocaust.

Here is a 20 item selection of well-researched, racist Zionism (RZ)-related  realities deriving from top scholars and authoritative sources that are deliberately kept secret from ordinary citizens by racist Zionist (RZ)-dominated academia, Mainstream media and politicians in the Western Murdochracies.

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