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Obama’s surge: killing spree on both sides of AfPak border

February 3, 2010

By Bill Van Auken,, Feb 3, 2010

CIA drone missile attacks claimed the lives of 123 civilians last month alone in Pakistan, it was reported this week. Meanwhile, on the other side of the border, US Special Forces have launched an assassination campaign against alleged leaders of Afghanistan’s Taliban movement in preparation for an imminent military offensive.

These killings are the product of the military “surge” ordered by the Obama administration, which is increasing the US troop deployment in the country by another 30,000. With other NATO countries providing between 5,000 and 10,000 additional soldiers, the occupation force in Afghanistan is set to swell to 150,000 by the fall of this year.

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44 US drone hits in Pakistan killed 700 civilians in 2009

January 4, 2010

The Peninsula,  Jan 2, 2010Web posted
Source ::: INTERNEWS

PESHAWAR: Of the 44 Predator strikes carried out by the American drones in the tribal areas of Pakistan in 12 months of 2009, only five were able to hit their actual targets, killing five key Al Qaeda and Taliban leaders, but at the cost of around 700 innocent civilian lives.

According to the figures compiled by the Pakistani authorities, the Afghanistan-based US drones killed 708 people in 44 predator attacks targeting the Pakistani tribal areas between January 1 and December 31, 2009. For each Al Qaeda and Taliban terrorist killed by the American drones, 140 civilian Pakistanis also had to die. Over 90 percent of those killed in the deadly missile strikes were innocent civilians.

The success percentage for the drone hits during 2009 is hardly 11 percent. On average, 58 civilians were killed in these attacks every month, 12 persons every week and almost two people every day. Most of the hits were conducted on the basis of human intelligence, reportedly provided by the Pakistani and Afghan tribesmen, who are spying for the US-led allied forces in Afghanistan.

Of the five successful predator attacks carried out in 2009, the first one came on January 1, which reportedly killed two senior al-Qaeda leaders – Usama al-Kin and Sheikh Ahmed Salim, both wanted by the American Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Kin was the chief operational commander of Al Qaeda in Pakistan and had replaced Abu Faraj Al Libi after his arrest in 2004.

The second successful drone attack was conducted on August 5 in South Waziristan that killed the most wanted fugitive chief of the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan Baitullah Mehsud along with his wife. The US State Department had announces a $5m head money for information leading to Baitullah , making him the only Pakistani fugitive with the head money separately announced by Islamabad and Washington.

US Drone Strike Kill Seven in South Waziristan

December 12, 2008

Missile Hit a House Near a Madrasa, December 11, 2008

A US drone struck a South Waziristan village today, killing seven militants according to Pakistani officials. Most of those killed were reportedly Punjabis, but the officials speculated that foreigners may also be among the dead.

The details of the attack, the second US drone attack this month, are difficult to ascertain as local militants have surrounded the destroyed house and are not letting officials get close to it. The US has launched over 30 such attacks in North and South Waziristan over the past few months as part of its “gloves have come off” strategy.

Pakistan’s government has condemned the strikes publicly, but is reported to have privately reached a “tacit agreement” with the United States regarding them. Pakistan has also claimed it is considering shooting down the drones, but once again there is no indication that they made any effort to do so.

compiled by Jason Ditz [email the author]

‘US drone’ fires on Pakistan target

November 15, 2008
Al Jazeera, Nov 14, 2008

At least 12 people have been killed in a missile strike said to have been carried out by a US drone in a Pakistani tribal region.

The raid is thought to have killed pro-Taliban fighters, five of them foreigners, Pakistani officials said on Friday.

Previous bombing raids by the US, in which civilians have died, have been condemned by the Pakistani government which argues that they infringe on the country’s sovereignty.

Pakistani officials said the attack targeted a house in a village near the border between North and South Waziristan.

They claim the attack was in an area known to support Baitullah Mehsud, a pro-Taliban commander.

“We have reports that 12 people were killed, including five foreigners,” a paramilitary official told Reuters news agency.

A relative and aides to Mehsud, along with Pakistani government and paramilitary officials, said the attack was shortly before 2am (20:45 GMT), and at least three missiles were fired.

Despite protests by Islamabad, attacks by unmanned drones have continued to hit Pakistan’s tribal region bordering Afghanistan.

The attack came a day after the Pakistani foreign ministry said that the US has been violating international law by launching missile attacks on the region.

Source: Agencies
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Stop whinging
Pakistan has been complaining about US attacks on its soil for a few months now. If they are not going to do something to stop these attacks then just stop whinging. Or is it that internally they condone these attacks?

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