The Kashmir Conflict needs a political solution, not violence or wars

— Nasir Khan

The Kashmir Conflict is not something new, it is as old as the two independent states of India and Pakistan. It was a conflict that needed some bold steps by the leaders of the two countries to find a workable solution that met the demands of the Kashmiri people.

But there was no real intention to find such a solution, except to use empty rhetoric to appease the populations of the two countries. The latest killing of so many soldiers is also a tragic reminder that the problem of Kashmir has not disappeared. Innocent people are dying in Kashmir, both civilians and soldiers, and they will continue to face such deaths as long as there is no solution to the conflict.

I deeply deplore the death of the Indian soldiers and also the deaths of innocent Kashmiris at the hands of the Indian army.

But something else is needed to pacify the people of Kashmir, not empty words, violence or threats of more violence and intimidation. Any military action by India over the tragic loss of lives of soldiers will not help the situation. Even a war will not do much good to the people of the two countries, or will be helpful to the people of Kashmir.


Kashmir suicide bomber radicalised after being beaten by Indian troops, parents say

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