Israel as a colonial power

The following exchange of views took place in 2012. The basic questions raised are still relevant, and the people who want to understand the political facts about Israel and the people of Palestine will find them useful.

Nasir Khan, December 6, 2012 at 7:06 PM ·

Stephanie Schwartz wrote: Mr Khan, I don’t find the answer to my questions which endeavors to establish legal facts: do you or do you not recognize the international law right of the Jews to sovereignty in their country?

Nasir Khan wrote: Stephanie Schwartz, it will be very naive of me to reply to your seemingly a plain question, simply by saying yes or no. If I did so, any such reply would be of little value in understanding a complicated political issue. However, if you can clarify a few things which can help me better understand your question and its implications then I will be happy to reply to you. Normally I find it difficult to respond to hypothetical questions as concrete facts.

To start with: What do mean by ‘Jews’? Do you use this word to identify these people on the basis of their religious beliefs and customs or for their ethnicity or something else?

The question of right to sovereignty in one’s country under international law presents no difficulties. The answer is clear. But the question of taking over the countries or lands of other people by colonizing them and subjugating their population to the rule and terror of the colonial masters is something different. For example, in this way two continents, Americas and Australia were taken over by Western colonial powers and the original people of these vast continents were either killed or reduced to sub-human existence over the course of five centuries. Would you agree with this view that the true owners of Americas and Australia were forcibly expropriated of their land by European colonists? Does this analogy also extend to the people of Palestine at the hands of the Zionist colonial settler state?

(I had received no response to my questions from Stephanie Schwartz.)

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