The Palestinians and their Struggle for Freedom

Nasir Khan, February 8, 2016

To murder any person, Israeli or Palestinian, is not just because of ‘human nature’! In normal circumstances, any act of premeditated homicide is a crime in any state where the rule of law prevails. There are also ‘abnormal’ political circumstances when a people occupy another people’s country and keep their occupation with the force of their military might, as Israelis have done for many decades, then the Palestinians are fighting for their freedom against a brutal occupier under extremely difficult conditions of subjugation and deprivation.

Nonetheless, they have also another degrading and abject option open to them. They can give up all struggle for freedom and just surrender all their rights and their national aspirations and prostrate themselves before their powerful occupiers. In that case, they can say that Israel can do whatever it wants to do with them but they will not raise a finger to resist the occupying power and will willingly accept slavery of the Zionist power forever.

The Zionists, the supporters of Zionism, warmongers and all anti-human reactionaries will be very happy if the Palestinians abdicated all their national rights because Israel and its main supporter, the United States of America, are militarily and politically too strong in the Middle East that is under their geopolitical domination. However, to take such a position in the eyes of the rest of the civilised world will mean surrendering the very basic instinct or impulse that makes people human, who have dignity and a sense of human values.

We who value human emancipation and seek an end to the Israeli brutal occupation stand with the people of Palestine in their struggle for freedom. The brave people of Palestine will never surrender their national rights and their legitimate struggle.

The following misleading article in ‘‘ is part of the Zionist propaganda strategy!

Is Murdering Israelis Just “Human Nature”?


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