A true warrior works for the good of others


Nasir Khan, January 9, 2016


This message of Chief Sitting Bull can stir the conscience of every human being. In any case, this is a hope and wish I have for the for common men and women in the world.

But the situation is not so simple. There are people who are immune to what he says. In a way, they are also prisoners of the conditions under which they live, operate and remain there because they see no way out. They include the rulers of imperial states, occupiers of other peoples’ lands, warmongers catering to the interests of weapon industries and special interest groups, political manipulators of religions, diehard religious fanatics, weapon producers, violators of human rights and the propagandists of imperialism and religious ideologies of fanaticism, etc.


What Chief Sitting Bull says is the essence of being human in a civilised society. How we classify his message and under which category is not so important. In essence, what he says relates to the welfare of human beings in general. In a broad sense, I regard his ideas being the bare essentials of Socialist Humanism.


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