The Israeli Prize for Tony Blair

Nasir Khan, Sept. 17, 2015

Mr Tony Blair, the former prime minister of UK, and a political ally of the former US president, G. W. Bush, also called his ‘poodle’ or ‘lap-dog’, had worked closely with the Washington boss in unleashing the war of aggression against Iraq in 2003 and the people of Iraq. In any case, what he did was in step with US policy – to impose its complete hegemony over the whole of the Middle East for its geo-political objectives. Domestically, the war was to further the economic interests of the military-industrial complex of the United States and its allies. In other words, making unbelievable profits by this war. The US strategy in starting this war was heavily influenced by the political role of the Israeli rulers for the whole region.

In the present instance, Mr Blair is given a monetary reward for the services he rendered to Israel. That is understandable. In a thieves’ kitchen partners show solidarity!  The Zionists know his pivotal role in the destruction of Iraq and the Iraqis, and thus bringing the whole of the Middle East under the US and Zionist hegemony. That is something the Zionists can never forget; the present award is simply a token of recognition of his services.

Later on, Mr Bush also made  him a ‘peace envoy’ to the Palestine-Israel ‘conflict’! Wasn’t he well suited for the job? Yes, he was. If in any doubt, ask any Zionist anywhere or any neocons! As a result, in this new role he did what he could do to damage the struggle of the captive and marginalized people of Palestine. No wonder, the Zionists have thought it fit to give such prize to him for his work.

Former prime minister Tony Blair has won a prestigious million-dollar (£697,000) Israeli prize for his leadership on the world stage.

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