Ramadan mubarak, 2015

Nasir Khan, June 19, 2015

Ramadan mubarak to all!

Ramadan mubarak to all Muslims and others including my Facebook friends. With the coming of this holy month, many good things happen. I will mention only one here. In this month, Satan is chained and he is not able to do any harm. That is a great news for all of us. But for the rest of the year he is free to do as he chooses, like creating his steadfast disciples and activists who dutifully carry on the mission on his behalf. Therefore, the believers should be aware of the actions of his followers.
What is interesting about Satan is that he does not work only through some invisible agents but also with the help of human beings. Such people are amongst us. Unlike Satan, they are not chained in this holy month either. They operate freely to carry out the mission when the Fallen One is not around for a few weeks. Their work involves them in diverse activities, such as, hoarding, black-marketing, oppressing the weak and marginalised people, creating problems for religious minorities, fomenting communal hatred, misusing religion, inciting violence, supporting wars and warmongers, bargaining the destinies of nations for money, which only Uncle Sam and his Saudi ally give to some Islamic countries for some specific tasks.

Ronda, Andalucia (Spain)
Photo by: Nasir Khan, October 2011

Nasir Khan's photo.

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