The danger of using the Paris killings against Muslim people

Nasir Khan, January 8, 2015

Any person who commits a premeditated murder is held accountable for culpable homicide under the rules of criminal law. If any such murderer thinks his actions are in the service of some cause or has some other motives then he will still stand accused of the crime of unlawful killing. Only a court of law can find out about all the surrounding circumstances including the state of mind or the intention of the accused, in legalese the mens rea of the crime to ascertain his guilt.

The abominable killings of twelve people in Paris by two men who are still at large has shaken the conscience of the world. That is a good thing that the world has reacted in this way. But unfortunately the world does not always react in this way when some powerful countries attack and kill innocent people in hundreds, thousands or hundreds of thousands.

At the same time, it is also important to remember that the actions of these two men in no way can be ascribed to other people who by religion are Muslims and are spread all over the world. It is very easy for the media and some officials to blame Muslims and their religion, Islam, for any ghastly crimes by some individuals.

In fact, the Paris killings are already being used by anti-Muslim forces to spread hatred and hostility against the Muslim people, who have nothing to do with these murders. The tragedy of the Paris murders should not be used to provoke hostility towards innocent Muslim people.


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