The Pakistan Taliban want to impose Islamic rule and Sharia laws in Pakistan

Nasir Khan, Dec. 16, 2014

The latest attack on young children in Pakistan by the Pakistani Taliban (TTP) has shocked us all. On this sad occasion my condolences to all those who were affected by this large scale massacre of innocent young pupils and the injuring of many. People may hold differing views on this latest act of savagery. But these killers have killed tens of thousands of innocent people in Pakistan over the years.

Let me remind our readers that these militants are the mujahiddin of God, dedicated to imposing an absolutist Islamic rule and the Sharia laws throughout Pakistan. Even though Pakistanis oppose and condemn the extremist actions of these Islamists but let’s not forget that among the vast majority of this country there is a great enthusism for an Islamic state that is based exclusivley on the Sharia laws. This ideal Islamic state will emulate the great caliphs of early Islam and thus it will solve all socio-economic and political problems that afflict Pakistan. It seems everything is in place to create the paradise in this country: God’s soldiers, mullahs and preachers, God’s Divine book and God’s Sharia laws. The caliph may appear any time and lead us to salvation.

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