May Day Greetings 2014


Greetings to all those people around the world who uphold the cause of peace and  work for human rights. The struggle for peace is also a struggle against war and war-mongers. After the collapse of the USSR, the US imperialism had a free hand to unleash genocidal wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and other places. It killed millions of people, made millions homeless, made millions orphans and widows. All peace-loving people condemn these crimes and violations of international law.

The people of Palestine under Israeli occupation have struggled to survive in dire circumstances. They have continued their struggle against Israeli occupation and to end the siege of Gaza, the largest concentration camp in modern times. The Israeli occupation, the expansion of illegal settlements in occupied land and oppression against the defenceless people of Palestine continue. The American government and the US Congress support whatever Israel chooses to do with the people of Palestine. We can only ask our friends, comrades and peace-loving people to oppose the militaristic policies of Washington and its allies and stand for the rights of the victims of wars and violence.

~ Nasir Khan

April 30, 2014

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