By Badri Raina

Hindutva, a famous lordship once

Said, is a “way of life.” Askance,

Subsequently, at the consequence

Of that certification, he did meekly try

To  infuse some democratic sense

Into  his  fatal faux pas by

Explaining that it was only a way of life

Not the way of life; but the damage was

Done and we live with the strife.

Thus, not a day passes when we are not

Told, on pain of sufferance, what to

Wear, what to say, what not to say,

What to read, what to pulp, what laws

To uphold and when, and what laws

To jettison at the behest of Hindutva

Warriors, the  self-appointed torch bearers

Of virtue and genuine indainness—all

With  widely propagated judicial sanction.

What amazes is that these saffron shirts

Should think of the Taliban as the “other”

When in every measure they are brother.


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