Drone Strike in Pakistan Was First to Be Launched by Obama Administration on Christmas Day

By: The Dissenter, December 26, 2013


Photo from The White House | (Note: Photos like the one above are released as a substitute for granting photographers from the press access.)

For the first time since the United States began to launch drone attacks, a strike was launched late on Christmas Day in Pakistan. Four people who could not be identified but who were allegedly from Afghanistan were killed.

The Pakistani newspaper, The Express Tribune, reported, “Four suspected militants were killed when a US drone fired missiles at a compound in North Waziristan Agency in the late hours of Wednesday.”

Two missiles were fired at a compound. A local tribesman said he had heard “two huge explosions” in the “outskirts of Miramshah.” Tribesmen left their homes in panic.

“We can still hear the sound of drones hovering in the sky,” he said, adding that the bodies were being pulled out of the compound.

The Pakistan Tribune also reported, “Panic gripped the area following the attack as unmanned aircraft kept flying over the area till wee hours of Thursday morning.” And, “The identity of the deceased couldn’t be ascertained because of their charred bodies.”

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One Response to “Drone Strike in Pakistan Was First to Be Launched by Obama Administration on Christmas Day”

  1. luistijerina Says:

    Luis Lazaro Tijerina There is a profound hypocrisy in Obama and his regime in the way he talks out of both sides of his mouth regarding his interest in stability in the Middle East and Central Asia. For him to authorize a drone attack on Christmas Day says much not only about American Foreign policy, but about the personality of Obama as well. In many ways he reminds me of Cicero and that is not a compliment. For the Plebeians of the Roman Empire knew Cicero for what he was, while only the declining Roman middle class hung to their besotted allusions of what it was to be a Roman citizen, and they paid a political price for siding with Cicero. Luis Lazaro Tijerina


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