Subsidy, a poem by Badri Raina

This madam Sonia ji—

She full of subsidy.

She not consider the difficulty

Of the rich and also famous;

She encourage the riff raff to tame us.

Really, subsidy  so much shame us

Among  Amreekan  diaspora

Which make us so proudy

At  antarrashtriya fora.

This Sonia of Italy desh think

All  india must have food;

What is she knowing about fasting

Which for health is so good?

Or about  karma which it is for sure

Makes god’s beloved rich

And all others poor?

Does she know vyavastha is meant

To serve those that have vaibhav,

Not to be wasted on dol, gavaar,

Shudra, pashu, naari,

Who are all, what does she know,

Only  taadan kei adhikaari?

This  Christianism plus Socialism—

It  very ghaatak for country;

Here  pandit and maulvi  they

Have no entry.

Now, land too not grabbable,

So  how  multiplex will spread?

Or  Mall and  Big Bazaar come up

When   kisaan  is well fed?

Next may come the  Vendor Bill,

Then daridra will rule  the street;

And  not one   kambakht  at hand

Whom  the kothi vaalaas might beat.

New shastra she is writing,

And  all voting with her;

Yeh kya ho raha hai,

Nahi hai kissi ko darr

Ki  bharat mei aayegi samta

Jo  nahi chaahatei Ishwar?

—Badri Raina,  Sep. 1, 2013

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