Bradley Snowden Assange

Badri Raina

Bradley Snowden Assange, I say, for

You are one—born to protect

What was once proudly American;

Selfless beyond our tutored  


Even as all around us, the “best” hoard

Their lives and open their abuse

On behalf of the “patriotic” gun,

The corporate board, and the politics

That “god-fearing” red-necks use

To trample the world beneath

The ordained boot, romping from

One massacre to the other

Like proverbial bandicoot,

Snooping among “unalienable”

Privacies not just of those without

“manifest destiny” of those

That inhabit the “land of the free,”You fling your soul like streak

Of light across the

Satanic gloom, thinking nothing

Of losing your life if, courting death,

You may illume to common sight

And knowledge the perfidies of those

That, pretending to maim and disfigure

On our behalf, fatten on the ruse.

Bradley Snowden Assange, in our trapped

Misery, the least we may do

Is to salute you, not just as martyrs

But harbingers of hope and apostles

Of truth, returning us to the lad

In the manger whom Herod, like

Our present-day tyrants, saw

As the mortal danger who had

Best be dead.

Not he, but the empire crumbled

As the force of innocence rumbled

Through earth and sky;

You beckon us to something similar

Even as we sneak or standby.


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