Rape, a poem by Badri Raina


by Bardi Raina


Woman, if and when you bless me,

You are goddess;

When you do obey unquestioningly

My command, you are devi;

When you say, wear, think your own thing,

You are whore.

In this, every indian male from Manu

To modern judge, police and politician,

Father and son and more are agreed.

Such is the cultural nationalism

That makes of us a unique breed.

Yet, the rapist must hang in public square,

Where potential rapists among the common dregs

May take fear, and shelve their frustration

With women’s proliferating visibility

On the street, office and station.

Only those among the rapists who rape

Their own wards in privacy of homes

Must not hang; priests and temple domes

Must be deployed to set to right

Their so excusable oversight.

Education must be used to train

Women to know why their troubles

Issue from their pretence to brain.

In this one thought all Indians come

Into such exemplary unity:

Hindu and Muslim patriarchs happily see

The infallible truth of that recipe.

Om shanti, shanti, shanti.

One Response to “Rape, a poem by Badri Raina”

  1. sudhan Says:

    Raina’s poem is in response to a recent brutal rape case in India. Click on the following link to Hindustan Times for more information:



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