The Re-Election of Barack Obama

 Nasir Khan, November 7, 2012

Those left-of-centre Americans who had opted to vote for a lesser evil than the bigger evil in the shape of Mitt Romney have some ground to celebrate. In fact, anything was possible; Romney could have also found his way to the White House. American political system is deeply flawed and has become more mouldy and outdated. It does not represent the hopes and aspirations of the American people any longer.

The presidential election itself is a contest in which big money talks and imposes its decisions on the masses. Actual problems facing the superpower that has hegemony over a large part of humanity and regions of the world are brushed aside and a diversionary picture put before the electorate that produces much sound but signifies nothing. Big gala shows and rallies make the whole thing look comical and cheap advertisement. That’s not what the democracy is about or can ever be justified for hiding the concerns of millions of ordinary men and women and their economic and social hardships.

President Obama in his first term proved to be a true representative of American military-industrial complex. He carried out where Bush had left. He also extended the Afghan war of aggression into Pakistan and in most cowardly fashion has been conducting the killings of Pakistani ‘militants’ in Pakistan by his drone attacks. The people of Pakistan and other places who become victims of such assassinations have no means at their disposal to combat the advanced technological robots that kill them at his orders.

Now the question is: Will he continue his policy of such killings and disregard international law and the Geneva Conventions? Like Bush and Condi Rice, his foreign policy in the Middle East has been a total charade. Has he any sense of moral responsibility towards the Palestinian people who are still under occupation of Israel and its cruel policies? Without American military and financial support, Israel couldn’t have carried out the occupation or oppression of a captive population.

These things are not a secret and certainly President Obama is well aware of all these things. Now he has a new four-year term of office. Will he be able to change the course of his foreign policy or will he continue what he did during the last four years? Only the time will tell. But he has some opportunity to show respect to international law, the Geneva Conventions and stop the illegal killing of people in foreign countries. He can also advance the cause of peace in the Middle East, not by reiterating the American mantra of the ‘security of Israel’ but stand for the legitimate rights of the Palestinians under Israeli Zionist occupation and oppression.

People will judge President for his actions, not his words. Let’s hope his words and actions match from now on. The oppressed and victimised people and nations at the hands of US imperialism and its allies will be truly glad if he shows resolute courage to stand for what is right and not military might.


3 Responses to “The Re-Election of Barack Obama”

  1. Rupen Savoulian Says:

    Hello Nasir

    I think all people who are left-of-centre breathed a sigh of relief that Obama won. Note that a sigh-of-relief is not an endorsement or celebration of Obama’s policies; just relief that the extreme right wing fanatical marketeer Romney did not get in.

    It is true that Democrat voters mobilised in numbers in all the key battleground states to support Obama. But we must also be aware that lesser-evilism is only a temporary solution – we still have to deal with the evil that is the Wall Street-friendly Obama administration.

    He shielded the BP executives responsible for the Gulf oil disaster from financial cost and litigation; he facilitated a bailout that rescued failing capitalist institutions; he imposed an austerity program on the car industry whose workers took pay cuts in order to maintain corporate profitability; and he has escalated overseas wars in Afghanistan (making it the Af-Pak war), increased covert military intervention through reliable proxies in Somalia, Uganda, and other parts of Africa; and oversaw the Libyan proxy army backed by NATO intervention tear apart that country culminating in the lynch-mob murder of former Libyan leader Qadhafi. Covert intervention seems to be the same tactic with regard to the jihadist forces fighting against the Syrian Ba’athist regime, even though Bashar al-Assad’s government had long been an ally of the United States.

    I am not looking forward to the next four years of the Obama presidency. Get ready for more cuts to social services, austerity-driven economic measures, and more broken promises in regard to policies that help the downtrodden and powerless.


  2. sudhan Says:

    Good to hear from you Rupen!


  3. Dedetizadora Ribeira (@ddribeira) Says:

    Barack Obama won by a small difference of individual votes. This demonstrates dissatisfaction with his rule of almost half of the American people. I’m hoping, however, for Obama to take the reins of the economy, because U.S. growth produces positive effects in Brazil and much of the world.

    Thank you,


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