Unresolved Kashmir issue and Indo-Pak border tensions: Urdu Weekly Rehbar

Editor’s remarks: The unresolved Kashmir issue continues to be the main cause of border tensions between India and Pakistan. There is no other way to solve this conflict that started in 1947 than to allow the right to self-determination to the people of Jammu and Kashmir. Contrary to the Indian government claims, Kashmir is not an integral part of India. Kashmir is a country under Indian military occupation. A handful of puppet Kashmiri opportunists who rule the state support the Indian rule but the vast majority of the people of Kashmir demands freedom. As long as the occupation will last, the heroic people of Kashmir will continue to resist the occupiers and they will continue to demand freedom (Azadi).

Nasir Khan, Editor


Urdu Weekly Rehbar, Srinagar, October 21, 2012



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