Badri Raina: Higgs Boson


Higgs  Boson

by Badri Raina

Invisible and ubiquitous like the *aam aadmi,

You lend mass to high-falutin matter.

Never in the limelight, your godlike presence

Lends chatter

To  groups, parties, institutions, sea,

Sky,  stars,  universes beyond cognizance.

Being absent, you suffuse all that is;

Prophets, scriptures, leaders,

Philosophers, poets, speculators

But the fizz.

Your monumental shadowiness,

Real and touchable,

Makes monkey of the priest,

And sets up the materialist and the atheist.

Deferring to the human brain,

You make your prowess known

To  the  hard-working  homo sapien.

O Boson petite, that lends weight

To the falsely ponderous,

Lead us now to the combust

And whence that came, and why;

Lead us to a cause that makes

Idle  archives of pointless

And  coercive  dogmas die.

*aam aadmi: an ordinary man

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