The Chosen


The Chosen

by Badri Raina


Those whom Jehova chose,

those for whom Moses mocked

the Pharoah’s puissant nose,

those whose path was cut

right through the yielding heart

of the all-engulfing sea,

what comparison may be drawn

between suchlike and the ordinary.


Just as they had first right

to terrorist gangs—

Stern and Irgun were full of fangs—

the bombs they have may be

clandestine, with no sanction

in law or treaty

from Council or Assembly,

it remains God’s will that promised land

be secured by them through means

fair, foul, underhand,

appointing Sam watchman, ordained

to see never their prowess is drained.


The Persians are another ball game,

rudely, rationally, desiring the same;

as though the grand principles of liberty

can ever so universal be.

There are those privileged to make war,

and those others condemned to look

and wonder from afar;

and those destined to disappear

so the marauders may keep

raising the bar of freedom and democracy,

to the accompaniment of oil

wherever it be.


Children of Chanakya nod

in ancient approbation,

saying give us more Mossad,

make us a great nation.


April 2012



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