International Women’s Day


by Badri Raina



Boys will be boys,

but girls must not be girls;

girls must extinguish themselves,

knowing that boys are churls.


Nature meant such things to be,

nature is a male;

nature is always sentient,

it is girls who always fail.


Archives of revealed wisdom

god handed down to men;

girls must thus be told

what to do, and when.


When men kill in millions,

and devastate the earth,

women must pick up the pieces,

and get down to giving birth


to new armies of machos

who never do any wrong;

who rape the womb they came from,

who plunder with a song


upon their conquering lip,

and anthem in their heart,

while woman ploughs the ground

to sustain the murdering lot.


Yes, there are sensible men as well,

and women who are not;

which must mean that all of us

together right the rot.



March 8, 2012


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