What’s Happening in Egypt: From a Correspondent

By A Correspondent, ZNet, Nov 22, 2011
Source: Normanfinkelstein.com

Well, the situation is as horrible as the time of the revolution against Mubarak. There is a blood shed in Tahrir square and other squares across the whole country. Here is the whole story:


As you might have been following, the SCAF (Supreme Council of Armed Forces), who got in charge after Mubarak stepped down, have been doing their best to restore the old regime, and to do some simple reforms instead of a real revolution. So, they were doing all kinds of military trials for protesters, they didn’t change the security forces leaders and mentality, they didn’t do cleansing of the judgemental system,..etc. Rage inside protesters kept rising. And above all that, they promised to give the authority to an elected government (parliament and president) in six months (starting in March). 8 months have passed, and then, lately they announced that the presidential elections would be after drafting the constitution, which would be after the parliament elections (that should start in 10 days, and last till March!!!!). So, according to that new plan, the presidential elections would take place in March, 2013 at least, and they will be in authority till then. They also changed the current temporary constitution to have all the authority (so for instance the coming elected parliament will not be able to form a government, or change the current one,..etc). Also, they drafted some “above constitutional rules” that included some articles allowing them to not share the army’s budget with the parliament or anyone, and prevent anyone whosoever to question/interrogate any SCAF member,…etc, and many other similar articles.

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