William deB. Mills: Would Defeating Iran Help Israel?

MWC News, Tuesday, 15 November 2011

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If the Israeli war party attacked Iran and achieved everything it hopes to achieve, would that constitute victory for Israel? Would Israel, by a quick and successful strike, enhance its national security?

Almost anything could happen were Israel to start an unprovoked war against Iran. Let us assume, for the purposes of argument that it all goes just as the Israeli war party dreams.

With Defense Minister Barak, let us assume that almost no Israelis will die. Let us assume that Israeli planes and missiles hit their targets and that those targets are perfectly selected from among the possible 300 or more Iranian nuclear sites. Let us assume that the bombing sets the Iranian nuclear research program back by an optimistic five years, more than former Mossad chief Meir Dagan  and U.S. intelligence circles seem to think likely. Let us further assume that Hezbollah simply rolls over and plays dead, shocked and awed.

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One Response to “William deB. Mills: Would Defeating Iran Help Israel?”

  1. sudhan Says:

    Dr Mills in this thoughtful article has raised some important questions and many possible scenarios in case the Zionist leaders of Israel unleash a major blitzkrieg against Iran and thus gain a quick victory due to their advanced weapons, technological superiority and aerial supremacy. Neither should we forget that they also have huge piles of nuclear bombs. The danger of such nuclear bombs being used is a real one in case they meet any robust resistance or defiance from the Iranians.

    With regard to gaining such a quick ‘victory’ there can be no doubt because all the indications are that Israeli warmongers possess the necessary weapons, missiles and advanced delivery systems of bombs and rockets. In addition, Israel had come into existence with the help of terrorism and violence and it has continued to live with terror and military force thus far. Israel has the necessary military skills and above all, it has the American Government and Congress in its pocket.

    The consequences of such a war for the region as a whole and the future role of Turkey, Egypt, Iraq, etc. as Dr Mills points out are numerous. Ostensibly, a political analyst will warn of the dangers of such a war. But the fact remains that Israel as an expansionist entity is capable of taking all such risks. Why? Because, if it undertakes a war against Iran, America and other western powers will support and stand by Israel. THAT IS A FACT. Once Israel creates some more ‘facts on the ground’, America will be in the saddle as the guarantor of Israel and it will protect and justify Israeli actions.


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