INDIA: So tell me, Who is Collapsing?

Why is Anna Hazare shy of acknowledging RSS support? The wily old man knows he is damned if he does, and he is damned if he doesn’t. Thus, what better strategy than a ‘maun vrat’!

Badri Raina ,  Delhi | Hard News, Oct 25, 2011

Beware of False Prophets

– Sermon on the Mount

The campaign mounted by forces, homegrown and foreign, to discredit, damage and oust the UPA  government at the centre has worked essentially along two planks:  one, that the prime minister, not being his own man, has been prevented from carrying India into the next generation of  “reforms” by Sonia Gandhi and her  socialistic  civil society spoilers;  and, two, that, not doing so, it must be declared that this has been the most corrupt Indian government post-independence.

This essentially corporate agenda, buttressed by Rightwing Hindutva organizations,  has received thumping support from  India’s corporate electronic TV channels day in and day out, to a point where the hypocritical upholders of the freedom of speech have tended to stifle, hound, and heckle dissenting voices on a plethora of  debates mounted speciously by the said channels.

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