Richard Falk’s Interview on the Palestinian Statehood Bid

Richard Falk,, Oct 8, 2011

This post consists of my responses to questions put to me by a Greek journalist, C.J Polychroniou, who long followed intellectual thought in the West, and is a keen analyst of the current European economic crisis.

 1. What prompted the Palestinian Authority to seek UN recognition for Palestine at this historical juncture in the struggle for justice and the creation of an independent Palestinian state?

 I think the essential motivating feature was long overdue disillusionment with the ‘peace process’ as derived from the Oslo Framework of Principles agreed upon in 1993, and looking toward the resolution of final status issues (borders, refugees, Jerusalem, settlements, security, water) within five years. More recently Obama in his 2011 speech to the UN General Assembly appeared committed to the establishment of a Palestinian state within a year, but awkwardly backed away from this kind of assessment in 2012 when he merely declared that it was difficult to achieve peace, and that only hope was direct negotiations without any preconditions. The published Palestine Papers on confidential negotiations behind closed doors between representatives of Israel and of the Palestine Authority, leaked to Al Jazeera several months ago, reinforced the impression that the Israeli leadership was not at all interested in a negotiated end to the conflict even when offered far reaching concessions by Palestinian interlocutors. Negotiations that lead no where serve Israel’s interests far better than would a clear declaration that acknowledges Palestinian rights under international law as the necessary foundation of a peaceful resolution of the conflict.

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One Response to “Richard Falk’s Interview on the Palestinian Statehood Bid”

  1. sudhan Says:

    Dear Professor Falk

    You continue to kindle the light of reason and truth in your articles and pronouncements on the rights and aspirations of the people of Palestine who have seen nothing but the Zionist terror, inhumanity and the expropriation of the left-over bits of land they had by the ‘settlement policy’ of the Zionists. We are quite aware how daunting a task you perform in the United States where the Israeli lobby and Tel Aviv tell the Washington rulers what to say and what to do. And they do exactly as told. President Obama’s behaviour in this respect does not surprise those who know who rides whom.

    Those who dare to tell the truth and stand for human rights and human dignity have to face challenges, false charges and falsehood from the powerful interests. I am also fully aware the way Zionists and their accomplices subject you to calumnies and attacks are well known to the people around the world.


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