Shamus Cooke: Fuel for Occupy Wall Street’s Fire

By Shamus Cooke,, Oct. 4, 2011
Sometimes it explodes. But social explosions are rare events.   Are the Wall Street protests and their nationwide actions that have been inspired by them an explosion or just a flare up?

For an explosion to happen there must be not only explosive material, but plenty of oxygen to feed the fire. For social movements this means that enough working people, students, and unemployed find the necessary unity and inspiration to push through obstacles and maintain enthusiasm. The Wall Street protests have ingredients that can create such unity but the threat of extinguishing is real.

flickr image  By Chicago Man

Although many of the Wall Street protesters are following the tactics of the Arab Revolutions, they’ve begun on a higher plane politically. The Arab dictatorships made for an easy target and helped unify working people against the regimes; the Wall Street protesters, however, have already identified the money interests behind the bad government in the U.S. — a very similar money interest that rules post-Mubarack Egypt that Egyptians are still mobilizing to dethrone.

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