Narendra Modi’s Self-Goal

The sadhbhavana event may well be interpreted as a proverbial whistling-in-the-dark bravado that, far from scaring the night’s owls, may  have brought more owl-like scrutiny to bear upon everything that the  stagey fiasco was intended to cover up

Badri Raina –  Delhi | HardNews, Sept. 22,   2011

In an interview with an electronic  channel (September 18) Narendra Modi​ was asked a question about the “timing” of his fast. Rarely has one seen  a mask come off as eloquently as it did in Modi’s response to that question.  “Timing hee tou hai… …timing ke liye hee tou meri taarief hoti hai.”

As succinct an admission, albeit,  inadvertent, that the ‘sadbhavana fast’  was thought of as a prime piece of tactic, having little to do with any felt  emotion on the subject of harmony.

And, yet, this may be the one time when  Modi  mistimed himself humungously.

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