Obama and Netanyahu to Palestinians on Statehood: Go to Hell

MWC News,  20 September 2011 11:38

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Obama and Netanyahu

“(T)he (UN) General Assembly shall meet every year in regular session commencing on the Tuesday of the third week in September, counting from the first week that contains at least one working day.”

The 66th session began Tuesday, September 13.

On Friday, September 23, Abbas and Netanyahu will address the body. Obama plans to do it Wednesday, September 21.

According to Middle East expert Jon Alterman:

“The president’s actions have gotten him anger on all sides, and accolades on none,” with good reason. “I don’t know an easy way to get out of this problem.”

Put another way: He made his bed. Now he has to sleep in it!

So does The New York Times. Its longstanding editorial policy notoriously turns a blind eye to the most egregious injustices – notably on Israeli/Palestinian issues.

As a result, it virulently opposes Palestinian statehood and full UN membership, no matter how just, right and timely.

Supporting the right thing, in fact, was never The Times long suit.

It’s September 11 editorial is one of many examples. Headlined, “Palestinian Statehood,” it calls a UN vote for it “ruinous,” adding:

“If a UN vote takes place, Washington and its partners will have to limit the damage….”

On September 18, Times writer Neil MacFarquhar headlined, “Palestinians Turn to UN, Where Partition Began,” referring to the 1947 partition plan. More on it below.

According to America’s UN ambassador Susan Rice:

“There is no magic wand. There is no magic piece of paper here or anywhere else. In order to achieve the creation of a Palestinian state with clear boundaries, with sovereignty, with the ability to secure itself and provide for its people, there has to be a negotiated settlement.”

According to MacFarquhar:

“The United States and Israel accuse the Palestinians of turning to the United Nations in a futile attempt to short-circuit the direct negotiations.”

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