History and its Victims: The Fate of Palestinians

by David Hillstrom, Foreign Policy Journal, September 20, 2011

At the end of the Second World War, the colonial age in modern history had come to a close.  The colonial period is a blemish on the nations of Europe, the US, and Japan, although none of them have practiced policies of sincere regret, let alone compensation.  Rather, many opinion leaders from the former colonial powers have pointed to the legacy of organization and infrastructure that they left in the colonized world.  Many also have remarked that the new, independent states that emerged were more often than not dictatorial and corrupt.  Of course, there have been countries that have failed to produce either economic well-being or open political institutions for their people.  That is regrettable; but the lesson to global powers (and former colonial powers) should be that direct intervention is neither justifiable nor morally warranted.  The only appropriate policy is to engage developing nations with fair trade deals and incentives to develop both economically and politically.

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One Response to “History and its Victims: The Fate of Palestinians”

  1. sudhan Says:

    David Hillstrom,

    There are a few simple facts that we need to keep in mind. Zionists control the western media and western ‘political establishment’ – Europe and the United States. Their total control and mastery over the ‘bosses’ in Washington and U.S. Congress is no secret to anyone. That sums up where the power lies and how it is used. The power lies with the Zionists and their vast network of manipulation and control. Will it change in the near future? I don’t think it will. But it will be good if some political analysts take up the theme and give us their views about it.

    You ask the questions:

    ‘First, given the tenuous nature of Israel’s claim to the land, what gives Israel the right to deny statehood to the Palestinians. Second, in light of the occupation of more than 50 years, what rights are the Palestinians entitled to? Isn’t there a limit on an occupied people after which they should be granted freedom?’

    The questions are not addressed to me but to a Zionist. It is clear you raise these germane questions in a humane and legalistic way where you seem to imply that right is right but wrong-doing cannot be right. But things get a bit more complicated here in the Zionist world-order and their scheme to achieve their goals! Here who decides what is right or nor right are the Zionists who control America and its foreign policy.

    I hope to hear from you soon!


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