India: Suspended police officer Sanjiv Bhatt’s open letter to Narendra Modi

NDTV Correspondent, Updated: September 15, 2011

Ahmedabad:  Suspended police officer Sanjiv Bhatt criticised Narendra Modi for misinterpreting the Supreme Court verdict and has written an open letter to the Gujarat Chief Minister. The Supreme Court had, on Monday, ruled that it will no longer monitor the case against him for the communal riots at Gulbarga Society – one of the epicentres of the riots that ravaged Gujarat in 2002, killing 1200 people, most of them Muslims.

Here is the text of the letter:

Dear Shri Modi,

I am glad you chose to write an open letter to the ‘Six crore Gujaratis’. This has not only afforded me a window to your mind but has also given me an opportunity to write to you through the same medium.

My dear brother, it seems you have completely misconstrued the judgement and order passed by the Honourable Supreme Court of India in Criminal Appeal No. 1765 of 2011 arising out of S.L.P. (CRL.) No. 1088 of 2008 viz. Jakia Nasim Ahesan & Anr. Versus State of Gujarat & Ors. It is very likely that your chosen advisors have once again misled you and have in turn, made you mislead the ‘Six crore Gujaratis’ who look up to you as their elected leader.

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Sanjeev  Bhatt

 by Badri Raina, Sept. 15, 2011

 feckless  citizen  that I am,

However well-meaning,

Your  Promethean  metal

Fires my  feebleness  to a blaze;

You are to  our home-grown tyrants

As  Bhagat Singh was to the Angrez.

Like  the  Amazon, Setalvad,

On the worst of day

You  teach  the lesson that

The  poet of old taught—

When  the sensible-terrified

Slink from your side,

Then  ‘ekla chalo re.’

As to success, success is not

Merely the end of things;

Success is in the soul that

Man, woman, or child brings

To  what is with mortal dangers fraught.

 May I salute you, officer Bhatt,


The success you already have

Is not  for a season or two;

It is a flavour that generations

Will savour,

A rod of steel that the fallen

Spine will  raise, giving to cruelty

And cunning their  due.

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