Is Israel Plotting…or Stumbling toward…Mideast War?

By William deB. Mills,, June 9, 2011

The Arab Spring is heating up, Egypt is gingerly opening the Rafah Gate, Syria is in crisis, the Palestinians are gearing up for a fall U.N. victory. Meanwhile, Tel Aviv, in deep denial, is murdering civilian demonstrators in neighboring countries for approaching its borders, refusing to negotiate sincerely even with its West Bank clients, and searching for a way to continue its campaign of expansion and ethnic cleansing. Are the extremist leaders of Israel crazy enough to launch a regional war, using the specter of an eventual Iranian nuclear bomb as the excuse?

The recently retired chief of Mossad has just warned that they may be. This is a serious warning; Dagan has wrecked any hopes of a peaceful retirement as an Israeli hero he may have had; he has no doubt destroyed all his contacts with the Netanyahu regime, as well. He will be persona non grata in official Tel Aviv, a tough price for a man who managed all the state’s secrets. He is being pilloried in the halls of government and much of the nation’s media. But he has been supported by the other top Israeli spy chief (also recently retired and thus free to speak honestly to his country’s people). What do they know or suspect about the private calculations of the extremist (shall we, for simplicity, call them the “Israeli neo-con”???) faction whose bloody flag has brought it into power?

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