Resolving the Kashmir Conflict

by Dr. Nasir Khan, Foreign Policy Journal, January 13, 2011

Almost the whole world had condemned the Mumbai attacks of November 2008. Such terrorism had also, once again, reminded us how important it is to combat the forces of communalist terror and political violence in the Indian subcontinent. But what is often ignored or suppressed is the fact that there are deep underlying causes of the malaise that erupts in the shape of such violent actions; the unresolved Kashmir issue happens to be the one prime cause that inflames the passions and anger of millions of people.

Kashmir Conflict

However, to repeat the mantra of “war on terror” as the Bush Administration had done for the last eight years while planning and starting major wars of aggression does not bring us one inch closer to solving the problem of violence and terror in our region. On the contrary, such short-sighted propaganda gimmicks were and are meant to camouflage the wars of aggression and lay the ground for further violence and bloodshed. The basic motive is to advance imperial interests and domination. The so-called “war on terror” is no war against terror; on the contrary, it has been the continuation of the American imperial policy for its definite goals in the Middle East and beyond. Obviously any serious effort to combat terror will necessarily take into account the causes of terror, and not merely be content with the visible symptoms.

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2 Responses to “Resolving the Kashmir Conflict”

  1. Sudeshna Roy Says:

    We all know the history , we all know the present… instead of debating who is right and who is wrong why not discuss the solution to it??? And why not start from here itself…


  2. sudhan Says:

    Thank you Sudeshna for your comment. But I’m not sure if you have read my article! In fact, I had described the historical context of the Kashmir conflict in non-sectarian and non-communal terms and had hoped that my suggestions to resolve the conflict will find a positive response in New Delhi, Islamabad and Srinagar. I hope young people like you will get interested in the matter and try to stand for human rights and the right of the poeple of Jammu and Kashmir to self-determination.


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