Obama’s Israel Policy: Speak softly and carry a very big carrot

by Maidhc Ó Cathail, Foreign Policy Journal, December 4, 2010

Even those familiar with the long and shameful history of America’s appeasement of Israel were taken aback by the Obama administration’s extraordinary offer to Netanyahu.

In exchange for a paltry one-off 90 day freeze on illegal settlement expansion in the occupied West Bank (excluding East Jerusalem), Israel will get 20 F-35 stealth fighter jets worth $3 billion and a slew of other goodies. Yet Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reportedly gave up to eight hours with Netanyahu trying to persuade him to accept “one of the most generous bribes ever bestowed by the United States on any foreign power.” Praising the Israeli Prime Minister for eventually agreeing to put the offer to his security cabinet, President Obama took it as “a signal that he is serious.”

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2 Responses to “Obama’s Israel Policy: Speak softly and carry a very big carrot”

  1. sudhan Says:

    wordgeezer wrote:

    Blatent to say the least. Why not make Israel the 51st. State?


  2. sudhan Says:

    If the choice were to become another state within the union or to continue to politically dominate the whole union (which is also the only Super-Power at this time) that serves its objectives well, then we know what the Zionist leadership of the neo-colonial settler-state of Israel would have opted for. In my view this sums up, the whole thing.

    By the way, don’t we see that reality in the unfolding of the events? The present President of the United States of America, Mr Barack Obama, who initiated his third-rate policy gimmicks to resolve the Israel-Palestine issue while surrounding himself with the Zionists, was forced to give in and genuflect to Netanyahu on his terms. All Netanyahu had to do was to test the resolve of Obama by refusing to heed to anything he proposed and then wait for the result. Every time, without fail, what Netanyahu had guessed proved correct: Obama gave in. Is this a fact or not? I am only asking for an answer whether what what I say is factually correct or not.

    To be honest, for a person like me who is a political observer of international affairs, it is obvious that to me that American haphazard and chaotic foreign policy has created far too many dangers for the whole world. And we should pay close attention to the serious question of world peace when the only forces that control American foreign policy are military-industrial complex and the Zionist manipulators, American and Israeli.

    Wordzeeger, I believe, you are one of the politically conscious people in America. Can you find time to discuss the issues I raise in an article that I will be happy to publicize? I believe what a European philosopher once said is worth our close attention:

    “Science should not be an egoistic pleasure. Those who are fortunate enough to be able to devote themselves to scientific work should be the first to apply their knowledge in the service of humanity.”

    So there is a call to social scientists who are ready to side with the people at large, not the corporate interests.


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