Blowing Billions on War While American Workers Go Under

by Robert Greenwald and Derrick Crowe, The Huffington Post,  Dec 5, 2010

When asked by USA Today‘s pollsters last week, sixty-eight percent of Americans said we worry that the cost of the Afghanistan War hurts our ability to fix problems here in the U.S. This week, we learned just how right we were about that. Friday’s terrible jobs report shows that a crushing 9.8 percent of us are unemployed. And, millions of us are about to lose our lifeline because Congress refuses to extend unemployment insurance benefits. We’re spending $2 billion per week — per week! — in Afghanistan while millions of people face going hungry during the holidays.

Do our elected officials not get it? We’re drowning out here, and the administration is throwing money that could put Americans back to work at a failed war on the other side of the planet. In fact, that’s where the president was when the jobs report came out this morning — in Afghanistan, talking about “progress” again.

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One Response to “Blowing Billions on War While American Workers Go Under”

  1. sudhan Says:

    When you are making ‘progress’ in killing more Afghan people, the rate of that ‘progress’ can accelerate because THE SUPERPOWER has the advanced techonological superority to kill even the cave-dwelling resistors against foriegn occupiers of their land.

    In all past human history, we have never met such a cowardly and inhuman practice by any great military power.

    The first prize in the cowardly wars and crimes against humanity on a large scale, unprecedented in human history, and without any doubt, goes to the warmongers of the United States of America!

    We know many in America will celebrate this unique honour!!


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