Afghanistan: Worse Than a Nightmare

By Bob Herbert, New York Times, June 25, 2010

President Obama can be applauded for his decisiveness in dispatching the chronically insubordinate Stanley McChrystal, but we are still left with a disaster of a war in Afghanistan that cannot be won and that the country as a whole will not support.

Bob Herbert

No one in official Washington is leveling with the public about what is really going on. We hear a lot about counterinsurgency, the latest hot cocktail-hour topic among the BlackBerry-thumbing crowd. But there is no evidence at all that counterinsurgency will work in Afghanistan. It’s not working now. And even if we managed to put all the proper pieces together, the fiercest counterinsurgency advocates in the military will tell you that something on the order of 10 to 15 years of hard effort would be required for this strategy to bear significant fruit.

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One Response to “Afghanistan: Worse Than a Nightmare”

  1. sudhan Says:

    But the War-Mafia in Washington and the war-profiteers in the U.S. are saying something different.

    Not only that they are ‘winning the war’ but also that they ‘will win the war in Afghanistan’! They are deceiving all and sundry for their sordid objectives.

    How many ordinary Americans know that American militarists and warmongers in Afghanistan have already been defeated by the Afghan resistance? Not many, I suppose for they do not know the facts. And it is precisely on this point, misleading and deceiving of the American people, the present American Administration is winning!


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